Bridesmaid Jewelry Round-Up, Part III
October 19, 2009

Love, love, love that Carrie has joined our team as our round-up editor...bringing you absolutely brilliant ideas for all of your wedding needs. Today's focus, bridesmaids jewelry. Perfect little pieces that will make your maids so, so happy you asked them to be a part of your big day. Other than the fact that they love you, of course. After all, everyone knows the fastest way to a girl's heart is jewelry!

* * *

For some of you, earrings are just the thing to complete the perfect bridesmaids look, but for those of you that are wanting for a little extra oomph, we‘ve put together some gorgeous necklaces that are in keeping with your inner recessionista fashionista. And of course, a few for those brides wanting to splurge a tiny bit.

Row One: Simple, classic, and just the right thing if you are looking for something a bit elegant or wanting to jazz up some bold earrings. Check out Heather Berry’s simple pearl drop necklace  ($20), Banana Republic’s Crystal Ball necklace ($49.50), and Hilary Koster’s lace inspired silver necklace ($45).

Row Two: A layered necklace is always striking, especially if you want your bridesmaids to turn up the glam factor. If you want a little glitz, Lenora Dame’s crystal necklace ($58) takes the cake, or for a little elegance go for K. Garner ‘s double strand necklace($44). Looking to heighten the romance? Look no further than Lenora Dame’s non-traditional pearl necklace ($42).

Row Three: If you love statement necklaces as much as I do, you will fall head over heels for these stunning, bridesmaids friendly pieces. Of course, keep in mind you will want to keep the look low key everywhere else. Anthropologie’s Stormy Sea necklace ($48) is all about the jewels. For a more subdued look, check out Elaine Haydon’s ($42) cluster of pearls. Looking for something a bit more demure, Anthropologie’s Mercury Rising Necklace ($38).