Bridesmaid Jewelry Round-up, Part II
October 19, 2009

We are chatting with our adorable round-up editor, Carrie, about all things bridesmaid today. All about those little piece of jewelry for your girls to wear, making their already gorgeous look, even better. Hopefully, today will give you some really great, always chic ideas for your favorite maids!

* * *

You've chosen the dresses, now you just need the perfect accessory to bring your bridesmaids to wedding-day-ready status. I know I am not alone in thinking that the classic post is the most perfect piece of jewelry. They look fab by themselves or can be the just the right thing to compliment any necklace. The versatility of these alluring little studs are ideal for whatever style you are going for. Oh, and if you haven't noticed already, all of the gems featured on SMP today are pretty dang affordable, so much so, that you might just want to snag yourself a pair!

Row One: Banana Republic's jewelry collection is a well known secret to style-savvy buyers worldwide. If it isn't already, this store should be at the top of your list for estate-inspired jewels that are, for the most part, affordable. If you are looking for a classic stud that will go with just about anything, look no further than this perfect trio: The Clustered Jewel earring ($42), the Beveled Gem earring ($29.50) and the Jeweled Button earring. All completely gorgeous.

Row Two: The world is your oyster when wearing any of these stunning pearls. Each earring brings a little something different to the mix. A little edgy, Juicy Couture. A little eclectic, Anthropologie ($24). A little vintage, although a bit pricier Kate Spade ($45).

Row Three: This little trifecta is hitting all the current trends. Kate Spade ($45) brings you a few hints of floral, Juicy Couture ($48) some enamel, and leave it to BCBG ($48) to bring on the metallic.