Whimsical Elegance From Jeffrey & Julia Woods
October 14, 2009
By: eddye

Talk about teasers! This has to be the teaser of all wedding teaser photos!

Jeffrey & Julia Woods Photography Cotton Candy Peoria

Candy buffets, step aside. The child in me would kill to have cotton candy at a very posh, ever-so-elegant wedding! Imagine it ... sipping champagne while oh-so-delicately pinching the most delicious bites of pure silken spun sugar from the freshly made confection! Mmmm... I'd totally do it! And enjoy every moment of the splurge!

If your curiosity is just too much ... you can see Rachel & Nathan's absolutely stunning wedding on Jeff & Julia Woods' blog.  OR, you can wait a bit for us ... and we will definitely share the whole shebang with you on Thursday, so do come back!!!