Vintage Wedding by Van Damme Weddings, II
October 14, 2009

This is one of those shoots that can inspire and inspire and inspire. There are so many incredible little ideas tucked inside, so many perfect details that would suit just about any style of wedding...thanks to the oh-so-talented Margaret Van Damme. Take for example the textiles. Bringing in textiles, like great throw pillows and linens, into your wedding decor, will automatically bring in a sense of warmth and style. They can be contemporary for a more modern feel or vintage for a more relaxed vibe. They can be really graphic with pops of print or they can be soft and subtle to add a bit of texture.

vintage wedding

Another little token...mismatched decor. Even if you are having 200 people at your wedding, you can still bring in elements of mismatched elegance. For our wedding, we scoured ebay and flea markets for different variations of champagne saucers and dessert plates. Although we needed a pretty big room to store it all, the end result was SO worth it. Mismatched vases and bottles to hold florals, mismatched china and drinkware, mismatched linens, napkins, votives...the list is endless. As long as you stick with the same general theme or style, the look will be lovely.

vintage wedding

Thank you so very much to the HUGELY talented Margaret of Van Damme Weddings. Your work gives me butterflies. And to the always fabulous Katrina and Andrew of Sedona Bride. Yet another example of just how talented you are. To see the entire spread, in all it's perfect gorgeousness, click right here.

We have so much more on the way!