Remember the incredible editorial shoot that we featured a few weeks back, designed by the forever talented Carter & Cook? Well, we had a ton of requests for more information on the adorable pinwheels that posh paperie crafted, so Elizabeth, the genius behind the detail, was sweet enough to give us perfect step-by-step info, along with really easy to follow pictures, beautifully captured by Jackie Wonders.


Step #1: Supplies.

Pick your paper and buttons. *Hint*: text weight paper works best. Choosing coordinating patterns and colors for the paper is fun, and choosing different sizes and shapes in the buttons is cute, too. Choose scissors or a paper cutter, and adhesive. Cut 2 strips of paper, equal length and width, depending on the size of the pinwheel you want (thicker strips = larger pinwheel).


Steps #2 and #3: Folding + Combining.

Evenly fold (like an accordion) the 2 strips of paper. Make sure the widths match! (Note: smaller folds make tighter pinwheels. Larger folds are more loose and show more of the pattern. We like to make several of each size – makes for an adorable display). Line up one end of the folded accordion with the end of the other accordion. Fit together and adhere securely. Permanent adhesive squares work nicely, and lie flat.


Step #4: Securing.

Pull the loose ends of the accordion strip around towards each other and adhere securely. The pinwheel will look like a cardstock “circle” (similar to the coffee sleeves they give you at Starbucks). You will need to pop the pinwheel out and push it down (work with it until it looks like a pinwheel should look), holding it in place with your fingers. In the photo, the paperweight is doing the job of holding the pinwheel in place.


Step #5: Finishing Touches.

Choose your button and secure *tightly* with glue dots (you may need to use several!). Note: we recommend weighing the pinwheels down for several hours once they are fully assembled). This will help to ensure that they are secure.


Vendors ~ paper stylists: posh paperie, 619.504.6506 / photography: jackie wonders, 619.787.4296