DIY Project: Stir Sticks
October 13, 2009
DIY Inspired

We've got a cute DIY project inspired by our first featured wedding that Justin and Mary Marantz sent us that you guys are going to LOVE. Those fabulous oversized stir sticks are just too cute to resist and we've come up with a SUPER simple project that you can do to get the same look! We debuted it over on BACKSTAGE earlier today, our new home for all things SMP.

diy stir sticks

So, all you need to do is print this template out on 80lb card stock (try Paper Source). Using a 3.5″ hole punch, cut out the circles. Then using either a small amount of glue or some double stick tape, adhere them to corn dog or popsicle sticks (corn dog sticks are a little bit longer). Voila!