Bridesmaids Dresses Debut!
October 13, 2009

One of the things that I am most proud our Look Book. It's such a great way to flip through the season's most gorgeous wedding dresses, to do a little window shopping before you commit. Well, I am THRILLED to announce that we've added bridesmaids dresses to our Look Book Collections and are working hard to bring you some of the most innovative, gorgeous designs that you can share with your girls. We've started with four of our favorites...

I've loved Jenny Yoo's perfect dresses for years. And after completely falling in love with her latest bridesmaids designs, I can officially say that she is at the top of my short, short list of bridesmaid love! Her gowns are romantic, they are flattering, they are actually pieces that your girls can wear again (and not just say that they can wear again).

jenny yoo

We've also partnered up with Simple Silhouettes, a FABULOUSLY chic company that specializes in all things bridesmaid. If you aren't already completely obsessed like I am, you will be after seeing this perfect collection. Simple Silhouette's dresses are so insanely cute and yet they are also so insanely versatile...allowing your girls to choose from so many different cuts and styles that look the best on their body type. I am simply smitten with Simple and after seeing their Look Book Collection, I know that you will be too!

thread bridesmaid

Next up is the forever genius, Watters and Watters. I've worn more than one Watters bridesmaids dress myself and have been to countless weddings where the girls were rocking out these little gems. There is just something sophisticated, something really chic about their latest line which makes me even more excited to partner up with the brand. The gowns are honestly gorgeous, using thick satin fabrics and a jewel toned palette that will definitely make you swoon. Love, love, love this line.

watters and watters

And last but certainly not least...Coren Moore. Coren's dresses are flirty, they are fun, they are full of personality and style. The color palette is perfection and the silhouettes are modern while still being really timeless. I love that Coren is also very mix and matchable so that your girls can all feel like they are donning a little dress that suits their own unique personality. It's a really, really great line and we are thrilled to be debuting it in our Look Book!

coren moore

So...start window shopping ladies! We've included pricing on most of the dresses, along with a link over to the site where you can find a dealer near you. We'll be adding a few more of our favorites over the coming weeks, so definitely stay tuned!