Bridesmaid Dress Round-Up
October 7, 2009

I am SO excited to introduce this brand spanking new weekly feature, I can hardly contain myself!

We were so floored by one of our very own Little Black Book research associate's FAB sense of style when we featured her wedding a couple of months ago, that we basically begged her to start sharing her style tips with all of us. Lucky for us, she loved the idea. So each week, our lovely and talented Ms. Carrie Moore, will be rounding up her favorite bridesmaids dresses, wedding jewels, gift ideas and so much more with the hopes that she'll inspire you to infuse a little SMP into your own big day.

Without further ado, here are Carrie's SMP Bridesmaids Dress Picks...

* * *

Searching for the perfect bridesmaids dress can be an exciting and, well... exhausting task for many of you brides. With so many styles and colors to choose from, it's amazing that we make any decisions at all. Well, today SMP is here to make your life a little easier. We are going to take your hand and guide you in your search for that perfect, flatter-every-figure dress for your favorite girls.

The always resourceful J. Crew is carrying several style savvy dresses in to-die-for colors and patterns this season. Whether your ladies are all wearing the same attire or decked out in a variety of complimentary styles, you can't go wrong any of the dresses in this classy collection.

Top Row: This trio is feminine and sweet all rolled into one and just begging to be worn at a daytime wedding. With simple lines in a crisp color, both the Clementine and Gracen dresses offer a fresh palette for jaw-dropping jewels or breathtaking flowers. Want a little variety? The Lorelei dress is the perfect counterpart to the duo, incorporating subtle hints of dewy hues into the mix.

Middle Row: With just the right amount of elegant whimsy for either a casual or dressy occasion, this trio is simply perfection. Not only does the the Beaujolais Dress have to-die-for draping at the bodice, but the silhouette is also ultra-flattering. Going for a vintage vibe? With it's adorable mini-dot pattern and flattering waistline, look no further than The Betty Dress. For a more classic look, it's all about the cowlneck and A-line silhouette of the Robin Dress. Coordinate them all or wear them separately, either way, these dresses will be a staple in each of your girls' wardrobe long after the wedding.

Bottom Row: Any of these dresses would look fabulous on their own, but I just love the combination of the three. The rich fabric of the Ellie and Jenny dresses is as gorgeous as it gets in a creamy hue. I love the unexpected loveliness of the paisley patterned Terra Dress combined with the other two solid colored dresses. Just gorgeous.

We've got more dresses for you to feast your eyes on, so stay tuned...