White Wedding: The Look for Less
October 5, 2009
United States

Okay, so I have a little confession. We actually featured a little peek of this wedding that the fabulous Jose Villa sent our way... a year and a half ago. And for that feature, we included a great look for less. But, seeing that I am doing a photo shoot and blogging simultaneously (not an easy task), I thought you might give me a little leeway and let me post it again! It's really great information and for any of you that missed it the first time around, here we go again!

white wedding by jose villa

Here are a few things that you can do to get this perfect look, while keeping your budget in tact. With just a little elbow grease, this style is something that is not only doable...it's kind of simple!

-Use one type of flower. In this case, hydrangeas, split among a variety of bud vases. By doing this, you'll create a look of abundance, without an actual abundance.

-Use white sheers to create "rooms." White sheers go along way in creating a romantic look and ambiance, without breaking the bank. You can even by fabric by the yard, then use an iron-on hem to save a little more $$.

-Japanese lanterns are used for lighting, for decor and for ambiance. Japanese lanterns usually run under $10 and in my opinion, create such a beautiful atmosphere.

-By using white linens and clear/white china...your cost options are really much more plentiful. I would go with a simple white linen, that has a bit of texture and just enough quality to look chic.

A few other cost cutting bonuses that come with a monochromatic wedding...you can buy in bulk. Scour ebay for vases, candles, linens, vintage silverware, etc. Ebay is one of the best sources for wedding decor. You can even think outside the box a bit and buy teacups or mint julep glasses to hold a single flower bud, mason jars or old milk jars to hold candles. Adding a vintage charm to an all white palette is a good thing!

To really create this look...put your money into rented furniture. A few white sofas, coffee tables and ghost chairs will really bring this style home.

Coming up next, a HUGE treat. The amazingly talented Joel Serrato has sent us a film vignette of the day...and it's beyond incredible.