Style Circle Standout Inspiration Boards
September 30, 2009

Along with some pretty great blogs, the Style Circle brides are churning out some of the best inspiration boards I've ever seen. Many of them give the boards we've featured on SMP a run for their money, so I wanted to highlight a few of my absolute favs...

Pinga's boards are nothing but gorgeous. I have no clue which one of hers is my favorite because they are all so stinking great. Here is one that just leaps off the page...

Simply Blue and Green

And keeping with that same teal hue, this time with touches of yellow, I love, love, love everything about Kristine's charming Inspiration Board...

Charmingly Cheerful

Credits: Q Weddings (2), Linda Chaja (2)

And okay, I just have to feature one more of Pinga's absolutely ADORABLE blogs. I literally want to jump inside of each one and set up shop. If my every day life could look this cute, I would be one really happy lady!

Happy Day

So...we are constantly on the lookout for really great inspiration boards over on the Style Circle. An inspiration board is the very FIRST place you should start when planning your wedding. It will help you hone your vision, bringing a sense of cohesion to your wedding style. It will be a continually changing tool that will allow you to weed out your many loves and come up with a really focused look and style for your wedding. One that you can bring to your planner, your florist, your best friend so that everyone understands the look you are trying to achieve!