Whimsical Winery Affair by Allyson Magda
September 18, 2009
United States
Weddings in Wineries

Okay, we've been a little bit crazy here at SMP today...we put up, took down, put up, then took down again a wedding that I am sure you guys fell in love with if you had a chance to see. But, not to worry, the full affair will be back up next week, we just needed a few tweaks on the pictures.

But, we have THE most spectacular wedding you've ever seen today so your wedding eye candy addiction will most definitely be fulfilled. Shot by Allyson Magda, who we loooove here on SMP, this wedding is a whimsical approach to a winery wedding. Something that I haven't seen and something that I really, really love.

allyson magda

From Allyson...

allyson magda

Stephanie and Rob chose an intimate location under a massive oak tree for their ceremony.  The groom's very best friend performed their wedding ceremony with lots of giggles and facts about the couple and their relationship.  Family and friends stood around in support and had champagne in hand for their "first toast" immediately after the first kiss.