Whimsical Winery Affair by Allyson Magda, III
September 18, 2009
United States
Weddings in Wineries

If you are just now joining us, you are going to really love this wedding. Allyson Magda, one of our favorite photographers, sent us the affair as she knew that we would fall hard for the sweet, whimsical style in such a gorgeous venue. The flowers were all crafted by Flowers by Denise...

allyson magda

Here are a few more behind the scenes details from Allyson...

Stephanie and Rob choose to see each other before the ceremony and exchange gifts....they nearly gave each other the same thing!  Apparently their first date was the to see a play "Harold and Maude" - based on the original move.  When Stephanie opened her gift she turned beat red and started to laugh - he gave her the tickets and program framed - she gave him - a poster signed by cast members!  How appropriate - as they are both in the film industry!

allyson magda

SO much more to come!!