Sweet, Colorful Affair by Q Weddings, IV
September 17, 2009

Thank you SO very much to Suzi Q of Q Weddings for continuing to send us some of the prettiest affairs a girl could want. You really luck out with some great brides and super gorgeous weddings...and we love it! And to the bride and groom for designing a day that is ALL inspiration. May you have many years that are just as beautiful!

q weddings

Last tidbits from the bride...

Other elements that helped personalize the day: a bright yellow family quilt suspended as a photo backdrop; table seating cards hung inside a frame made from wood salvaged from my great-grandparents’ Texas homestead; and perhaps the best toast ever by the groom’s siblings, a tag-team comedy act that should be going on the road any day now.

The wedding was a hit, thanks to our family, our friends; Suzi Q, who helped put us at ease; and especially my parents, who footed the bill for an affair that was probably a smidge less traditional than they would have designed, but, I hope, one of the happiest days of all of our lives.