Multi-Cultural Affair by Christian Oth Studios
September 17, 2009
Tri State

There are two reason why I love this wedding so much. The first is that the amazing Michael Falco at Christian Oth Studios photographed the day. Any time I get something from a photographer at Christian Oth Studios, I get really excited...every one of their artists shoot flawlessly, with an emphasis on style, on emotion, on pure and undeniable beauty.

The second reason is that this wedding is an absolute explosion of everything that I love in a great wedding. The color, the style, the joy literally pours out of each and every image and I am 100% convinced that you guys are going to LOVE it.

christian oth studios

From the STUNNING bride...

Ravi and I knew we were a design duo early on but our light-hearted sense of humor is what took us to the next level romantically. Once we started collaborating, we knew we were onto something good... I know his strengths and he knows mine. I'm the list maker and he's the dreamer. I love color and he loves form. I tell good stories and he laughs a lot. It's a good match all around. Everything we do makes the other better - in design and now in love! When we got engaged we knew it was game on... time to embark on the biggest, hottest, most explosively creative and authentic endeavor thus far. We've branded everything from hot NYC chocolate shops to tiny start-up rollerblade companies. We've pulled off large scale events and art directed just about every retail and hospitality experience imagineable so starting our little studio was a no brainer... embarking on a wedding... our wedding... was a completely different story.  MonkeyThat was about to up the ante!

SO much more to come!