Multi-Cultural Affair by Christian Oth Studios, II
September 17, 2009
Tri State

Today's first featured wedding, shot by the hugely talented Michael Falco for Christian Oth, is all about color and culture. Bringing two different backgrounds and histories together into an incredible celebration of style. Both the bride and the groom are no strangers to design, with their branding company MonkeyThat helping them to approach the wedding with a focus on style and cohesive branding.

Here are a few more pics of the gorgeous couple in action...

christian oth studios

From the bride...

We had a vision off the bat and that was to take the very best elements of his Hindu heritage and my midwest Christian background and seamlessly intertwine them into one romantic and beautiful ceremony. It had to be bright. It had to have ritual. It had to be happy. It had to be touching. It had to have humor. It had to have tears. It had to have dance. It had to be raw. It had to have art. It had to have surprise. It had to have delight. But more than anything it had to be inspired... It must be about our story and have heart and soul.

As designers, Ravi and I like to take seemingly unfamiliar things and create an unexpected thread that not only bonds them together but is clever or has hidden meaning... but all without a heavy hand. This was no different except that we were creating it for ourselves. A designers dream and nightmare all wrapped into one happy little package. We decided that we needed a theme... our concept deserved  a name. Thus project East Meets West 2009 was born.

christian oth studios

Once the naming business was out of the way we needed to set the tone of the upcoming soiree. Create the color scheme, define the overall look and feel, hint at the vibe.. we needed a brand. We wanted to make it clear that this would be something most of our guests would never have seen before, so come prepared. I made a feel book to send with my mother-in-law on her trip to India with colors, fabrics and examples and she came back with the most vibrant fabrics imaginable! We ran with those colors as a guide and added every color in between. Our playground was the entire spectrum from pumpkin orange to ruby red and on into fabulous fuchsia.

About a month before the wedding I got the crazy idea that I wanted to create a video depicting our trek to get our marriage license. I really wanted to make sure that we documented this moment in time, that we are in NYC, because I don't know how long we will be here and it's just so full of crazy things. Our friend, Dave Evans, Jr. offered to spend the day with us and film us... what we didn't know was that he is a kick ass editor as well! He got great shots, found the best song ever and created the cutest video. We screened it at our rehearsal event and everyone loved it. He has since posted it on youtube because everyone has been asking for it. you can find it right here.