Georgia Peach Wedding by Martha Andrews, IV
September 15, 2009
Outdoor Weddings

Over the last couple of days, we've been using our new Inspiration Board Builder to create the boards that we're featuring here on the front page. I have to say...the tool is SO completely awesome, I can hardly believe that my sweet husband and his amazingly techi friends crafted it just for us. You'll see that if you scroll over the images, the florist and the photographer are both credited so that you know exactly who is responsible for such gorgeousness.

And now for the shameless self promotion...YOU TOO can make boards just like this by joining the Style Circle and using our favorite images from weddings past to design a totally customized look. Pretty awesome, I'd say!

A HUGE thank you to Martha Andrews for giving us such incredibly beautiful photos to work with and use to show off our killer new feature. For the rest of you, make sure to join the Style Circle and start getting your hands dirty making style boards that will keep you inspired and wedding happy!

FABULOUS! Make sure to check out Martha's site for more inspiration!