Dominican Republic Celebration of Marriage
September 10, 2009
By: eddye

Most of our features are all about the photos ... photos from every imaginable wedding style, every imaginable type of couple ~ from across the many parts of the world that our Little Black Book members travel.  Today's feature was sent to us by Soroya and Candice at The Finishing Touch, an event and wedding design & coordination firm with offices in Metro New York and London. And although the photos we have for you today are great, this feature is more about the story. The story of Jenn and Eliu. If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding, and are feeling even the least bit stressed ... be sure you read to the very end for a real pick-me-up reminder of what it's all about!

Their story ...

Jennifer and Eliu met in Bayonne, New Jersey many years ago during high school. Hear what Jenn says about the ensuing years ...

Although we had our bumps in the road, our paths always stayed together- fighting with passion toward our vision and what we knew in our hearts and souls- that our love transcended that of husband & wife.  So for a long while, we never saw the need to marry. We were revolutionaries and non-traditionalists and we loved that about ourselves.

The Finishing Touch ~ Jenn and Elui

Honestly, we struggled with what marriage would provide that we didn't already have. We didn't feel the need to be like Nike and "Just Do it!"    Our lives had taken us through so many new situations, states, homes, phases of development and personal growth. As each year passed, we didn't think about not being married or how it seemed, we thought about being mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared for the beauty and challenges of marriage.

In 2007, after a particularly long period apart, Eliu showed up on Jenn's doorstep and asked her to marry him!

Again, from Jenny ...  Time literally stood still. Eliu said that he had traveled across the country to say that he loved me more than life itself. After many hugs and kisses, he said there was one more surprise!  ANOTHER? He popped in a video tape and started playing a home video of his mom, sister, nieces and MY parents flooded with emotion and CONGRATULATING us on our engagement! Truly, it was the best day of our lives.

The Finishing Touch

from Candice at The Finishing Touch ...

The fun began on Friday when Jenn and Eliu, along with many of their guests arrived in Punta Cana at the Paradisus Palma Real. Their wedding weekend kicked off with welcome drinks ~ a “Bienvenidos Gathering.”  Saturday was filled with an amazing excursion ... swimming with the Dolphins and Sting Rays.  Although the water was chilly, all had a wonderful time and got some amazing pictures.  They all came racing back (literally racing) for the rehearsal on the beach.

The Rehearsal Dinner was held at the Bana Bistro where guests enjoyed family-style Asion Fusion fare. Our design team had created a photo book that featured all of the guests in attendance, along with a write-up about their importance in Jenn & Eliu's lives. It was during dinner that they shared this special gift with each of their guests.

In all my years as a Wedding Consultant, I have seen and been touched by many wedding ceremonies ... but none more so than the one I witnessed on Naos Beach at dusk.  One of Jenn’s closest friends performed the ceremony. It was a mix of culture and spirituality that brought tears to EVERYONE's eyes. Jenn’s brother added a special touch by providing all the music, played on his saxophone.  We often tell our brides and grooms to always remember that although they are hosting a great party, the importance of the day is found at that moment when they become man and wife, and this was certainly true for Jenn and Eliu.

The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch

And here is the part that sums it all up ... from Jenn ...

Eliu and I work so well because our spiritual beliefs sustain us and carry us when the road appears too long and too dark.  He trusts me- even when I over analyze and make him take psychological assessments and bring my work home- he humors me and honors me and what I do- he appreciates that I will be a doctor and that I am a strong woman who occasionally roars. We work because we LIKE each other more than LOVE each other.  We work because we are best friends with benefits. We work because when one of us is almost out of steam the other picks up. We work because we take mini-getaways to revive our spirits. We work because we respect each other.

Jenny, you have reminded us ALL what this thing called LOVE and MARRIAGE is all about. We truly thank-you for sharing your story with us today!

You can see more photos and details from their wedding over on Candice's blog!