Vintage Rock 'n Roll Wedding by Jeremy Lawson
September 3, 2009

I fell madly in love with Jeremy Lawson's work when we featured the oh-so-charming Iowa wedding that he shot the other day. Well, this wedding is just as great. Just as funky, just as smile inducing. Jeremy has a way about photography...his work is a little bit dark and mysterious, a little bit light and lovely. You can really see that there is a story behind every shot, a little piece of emotion in every image.  I love that.

jeremy lawson

From Jeremy...

Dan and Christine met at a restaurant in Chicago called Avec, where Christine the exact spot that the last pictures shows.  They were married in a flower & home boutique called Asrai Gardens, then the reception was held down the street at a The Violet Hour an ultra-lux lounge and cocktail mecca.

jeremy lawson

More to come in just a bit!