Southern Soiree by Liz Banfield and Tara Guerard
August 31, 2009
Outdoor Weddings

I know you guys love these Southern Soiree's as much as I do...and this one is SURE to make you swoon. First of all, it was photographed by the amazing Liz Banfield and planned by the ridiculously talented Tara Guerard so you know that it's going to be beautiful. But, it's also really sweet, somewhat modern and yet undeniably traditional... and filled with lovely touches that anyone can infuse into their own day.

So with that said, let's get started! Before I share the actual wedding, I wanted to feature the adorable welcome bags that the couple left for their guests...

liz banfield

How cute are these!!! I love how simple and sophisticated everything is...from the adorable Mr. and Mrs. monogrammed cookies to the custom water bottles and a little pack of postcards where guests can send well wishes to the bride and groom. LOVE this!!