Iowa Charm by Jeremy Lawson, II
August 31, 2009

I know that I talk and talk and TALK about details. I love perfect wedding details with all of my heart. It's the details that make me excited to come and write about weddings everyday, so really...I can't say it enough.  BUT. Every now and then, it's so awesome to see a wedding that is completely and totally about the love. Completely and totally about the couple, the family and the celebration.

And, that's not to say that this bride didn't infuse the affair with some pretty awesome's just that the passion seems to be the main event. Just as it should be.

jeremy lawson

Jeremy Lawson snapped these absolutely incredible photographs and really, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jeremy's talents. I know that he was loving shooting this wedding too, as there is personality tucked into every image.

Oh and a few more details about the affair...the bride wore a J. Crew dress and had her make-up done by Nika Vaughan in Chicago. The reception was held at Yummy Gourmet Cakes. LOTS more on the way!