Traditional Ceremony + Contemporary Reception = Traditional Chic
August 28, 2009
By: eddye
Classic Weddings

So, what do you call a wedding style that starts off with a classic chapel wedding and is followed by a chic celebration at a contemporary art gallery? Really, it's a question we'd like some input on! If "vintage chic" is a style and "traditional elegance" is a style, would you call this "traditional chic" ? Some help, please! We need a good category for this style of wedding, because seriously, it's very popular and deserves a classy name!

Moving along  .... to today's featured wedding sent to us by Becca at A Stylish Soiree in Dallas. Becca and her marvelous team at A Stylish Soiree helped Melissa with her overall wedding vision, helped her work out the details and also went on to create the wonderful floral decor you'll see here today.

Melissa, knew what she wanted from the very beginning, conveyed her likes and her "not-so-much" thoughts to Becca and after a few consultations, they came up with a perfect game plan ...

Melissa and Braydn wanted a sweet and warm-hearted classic chapel wedding followed by a chic, modern celebration. The lovely ladies at A Stylish Soiree helped her achieve exactly that!  A simple religious ceremony at their college campus chapel, filled with school friends, life-long friends and their loving families ... well, that's a forever kind of wedding!


Melissa and Braydn were college sweethearts and really wanted to go back to their roots at Texas Christian University to have their wedding. The ceremony was held on campus at the Robert Carr Chapel.


Becca & Kerrie at A Stylish Soiree helped Melissa and Braydn choreograph the details of the day and created the super floral decor that became an integral part of the loveliness of the day~

LOVE the mix of pinks in these bouquets!


From Becca ...

Melissa loved the happy-go-lucky look of polka dots, so we incorporated that wherever we could ... pillows, ribbons, paper lanterns and fabric-wrapped vases.


The paper lantern design was a challenge ... we used a lighting company but had to work extra hard with the venue to get it approved. After twisting their arms, they finally approved it for this event only!!! It is truly one of a kind lighting.


The wedding cake was designed by Colleen's Cakes. Instead of a groom's cake, they served a special groom's family recipe called "Whoopie Pies" that were made by the groom's mother and sister!


Planning their wedding was so easy because their style NEVER changed. Melissa knew exactly what she wanted from the start and never changed her mind about it!

And from the beautiful bride, Melissa ...

Braydn and I were so excited to get started planning our big day last year. The whole process turned out to be a such a blast because of the amazing people we worked with from day one. We wanted to mix both modern and traditional decor to make the big day classic and unforgettable. With the mix of flowers, wheat grass, large lanterns, and custom touches our reception turned out just how we had imagined. All of our family and friends were able to come and celebrate with us at our very own stylish soiree!


The wedding reception was held at The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. Pretty awesome wedding venue!


photography courtesy of Wisner Photo

Beautiful ... traditional chic!

A HUGE thank you to Becca at A Stylish Soiree! And Congratulations to Melissa and Braydn!!