Friday's Favorite LBBB Wedding Features: Daria Bishop Photographers
August 28, 2009
By: eddye

Before we move on to today's featured wedding, here's our LBB Blog rendition of Friday's Favorite Features~ a blast from the past of some of our fantastic Little Black Book Members!

And ~ since we were just talking about Daria Bishop Photographers yesterday, here are a couple of our own personal favorites and huge SMP fan favorites from last year by the adorable Daria & Andy Bishop in Vermont!

* * *

First up, there's Brandi and Marty's Lake Placid wedding that was brimming with sunshine in an LBB post from last January. Readers mostly loved this wedding because of the buttery yellow color palette and the overall sense of joy that Daria and Andy captured. I LOVE the colors in this first shot of Brandi!!

db bm 1

db bm3

The first photo (below) captured an award in one of the WPA contests in the "getting ready" category.

db bm4

db bm5

db bm 2a

If you're new to SMP's Little Black Book Blog, you definitely ought to take a look back at this favorite feature from Daria Bishop Photographers! You can see a really great slideshow from Brandi & Marty's wedding on Daria & Andy's new blog!

* * *

The second favorite feature from Daria & Andy is .... drumroll ..... Katie and Mario's Vintage Wedding in Connecticut! You can't speak the words Daria and Andy without Katie & Mario's wedding coming to mind. This feature has raked in 22,000+ page views for the Little Black Book Blog. That's whopping! Take a look and you'll see why ...


In this day and age of vintage-love, Mario & Katie's wedding takes the cake!


You can see a super-cool slideshow from Katie & Mario's wedding on Daria Bishop Photographers' new website (listed under Love Stories)!

* * *

Happy Friday, Daria & Andy! We're looking forward to some beautiful New England wedding features this fall!