Rustic, Eastern Inspired Affair by Amber Events
August 27, 2009
United States

Today's wedding is really unique. It's the rustic chic style that we love and yet it's been infused with Eastern elements that celebrate the bride's Buddhist upbringing. It's a combination that I haven't ever seen and I have to's completely lovely, completely elegant.

The wedding was designed by the amazingly talented bride, with the help of Amber Gustafson of Amber Events (fabulous by the way). It was photographed by Suthi Picotte.

amber events

We've actually seen this venue before in a wedding that Rebecca of {duet} planned and Leigh Miller Photographed. It's a GORGEOUS space that has unfortunately closed it's doors. I hate when I hear things like that.  But, lucky for this bride and groom, they were able to move their wedding up before the doors shut, making them the last wedding that took place at Eucalyptus Lane in Ventura.

amber events

photography by Suthi Picotte

We have TONS of good stuff coming from this gorgeous wedding...a blend of all things rustic, all things undeniably chic. Can't wait to share!