Family Style Wedding by Spruce, IV
August 21, 2009
New England
DIY Inspired

One of the things that I love most about today's featured affair, is the easy, home-grown vibe paired with the undeniably gorgeous style. It's a really special, totally beautiful backyard dinner. It's an evening that guests will always remember and yet it has a casual air that just seems so natural.

Of course I would expect nothing less from the bride behind the affair, my very own florist Sarah Matteson of Spruce in Boston.

spruce floral

photographs by Brendan McLaughlin

From Sarah...

We spent 3 days in the kitchen and came up with a menu that was both luxe and homey—but most of all do-able. My business partner and his wife slaved with us in the kitchen and produced some unbelievable food!  Crab cakes with lemon pesto vinaigrette, roasted pork loin with apricot shallot stuffing, aged parmesan and olives, truffled mac and cheese with caramelized wild mushrooms. I kind of wish I was a chef and not a florist sometimes…next life. And chocolate desserts to feed my hubby's addiction.