Using our Inspiration Board Builder!
August 19, 2009

There are no words that can capture just how excited I am to finally launch the Style Circle out into the world. It's been a labor of love for months and months...and I think that I speak for the entire SMP team when we say, WHEW!

For most of you, the VERY best thing about the Style Circle is our brand spanking new inspiration board builder. I've been bragging  about it for a while now but now it's ready to use and ready to speak for itself.And although we know that there are other tools that do similar things, we also know that NONE are as fabulous as this one!

With this builder, you'll be able to create pretty inspiration boards that will help you hone the look and style of your wedding, that will help you articulate that vision to your vendors, that will help you to stay forever inspired. All with the same, tailored, finished SMP style.

So...for those of you that are as excited as I am, I thought I would do a little how-to feature on the I. Board Builder. It's so easy, you'll get the hang of it in no time flat.

Ok. First things first. Make sure you are logged in to the Style Circle! If you haven't created an account, now's the time to do that

1. In your welcome screen, click "create an inspiration board."

2. You'll then see a few different template options. You can pick a ready-made template or an empty one. I prefer the empty ones so that I can really customize it, but for your first board, I recommend one of the templates.

3. Once you choose your template, you need to give your board a name. Fill in the provided blank with your board's title. You WILL NOT be able to save the board without a title.

4. Decide whether you want to sort the images that you will pull from by Category, Subject or Tag. I like categories or tags, but that is totally up to you. Let's say you chose category.

5. Pick a category to start with. For the above board, I started with wedding dresses. It may take a few seconds to load all the images.

6. Scroll through and figure out what dress you would like to use as your starting point. Once found, drag and drop the photo into the slot that you would like.

7. Once place, you can click the green arrows to edit/move/re-size your image. Play around with the image until it looks just right, then click OK.

8. Continue building your board, following steps 5-7 until you are finished. You can pick from all different categories and literally thousands of images.

9. Once complete, save your board! Pretty great, right?  These boards will make blogging so easy and best of all...SO PRETTY.

Too see how to insert your newly designed board into a blog post, click right here! Make sure to write about your board so others can understand your inspiration and perhaps get a few ideas from your own interpretation!