Sweet, Whimsical Wedding by Choco Studio, IV
August 17, 2009
United States
WhimsicalOutdoor Weddings

I love to see weddings that are all about the fun. Weddings where the couple really infuses their true personalities into the day...not the personality that they think they should have. Not the personality that they saw in a magazine. Their real, honest style that defines who they are as a couple, who they are as individuals.

Thank you so much to the adorable bride and groom for letting us share in this awesome celebration. And to Choco Studios for capturing the day to perfection.

choco studio

A few more last details...

A "woodland masquerade" took place post reception when the wedding guests descended into the wooded volleyball court with masks while the unique 20- piece marching band was leading the way.  The grand finale of the evening was the appearance of the Extra Action marching band, in which Jeff is the snare drummer. The Extra Action marching band provided some amazing entertainment into the night.

This group of performers was simply surreal as there were close to 20 people playing everything from wind instruments to a variety of percussion orchestrated together with dancers, all marching from the house to a field on the property. It was pitch black outside by this time but that didn’t stop us from getting some fun shots of the act.