Shabby Super-Chic Wedding , IV
August 14, 2009

A HUGE thank you to Love Life Images for sending us today's gorgeous affair. The photographs speak to the beauty of the wedding and are leaving us all so inspired. And to the bride and groom...thank you so much for letting us share in your lovely, lovely day.

stephen bobb

From the gorgeous bride...

We took what we loved and tried to incorporate it into our menu. We served chocolate mousse cake, raw oysters and cheese plates.  George Washington opened a whiskey distillery after he retired from public office, so of course we had to have a bourbon bar.  The kids table really came together at the last minute and my little cousins had a great time running around the lawn and blowing bubbles.  Most importantly Matt and I wanted all of our family and friends to have an amazing, care free day, enjoying the food, the gardens and the dancing!

stephen bobb

More to come!