Intimate, Rustic Affair
August 7, 2009
United States

I know that we've been featuring a lot of rustic chic weddings these days. I swear, I am going to start bringing in lots of different styles, but this one was just so sweet I couldn't resist. It was photographed by Jessamyn Harris and is ALL charm.

jessamyn harris

From the lovely bride...

We wanted to make sure that our quirky, upbeat personalities shone through for our wedding. In other words, for a day so personal as a wedding, we wanted to make sure that the wedding was very "us" and not your run-of-the-mill event. I feel like that really came through, from the larger elements like Nestldown, which has so many wonderful little surprises to discover on the grounds, down to the smallest details.

jessamyn harris

Giancarlo’s tux has a great story behind it – it’s from Wilkes Bashford…about 30 years ago! His dad originally bought it to wear as an usher for a friend’s wedding, which he then passed on to Giancarlo after it unfortunately no longer fit. What makes it even more special is that the friend and his wife were guests at our wedding.

My dress is one of a kind - made by the fabulous Jinza Jin here in the bay area.It is a custom dress that Jinza loved so much (as did I!) that she will now be offering it...  so just ask her for the Rachel!

The planner behind the day was the fabulous Alicia Falango of Alicia K Designs in the Bay Area. She does amazing work!