Inspiration Board Builder
August 3, 2009

You guys are going to LOVE this. I mentioned last week that we are going to be launching a new social network called the Style Circle in the coming weeks. It's a kick ass site that will allow you to rub elbows with like minded brides, vendors and wedding junkies all in the name of style.  In a word, it's awesome and you guys are going to really love it.

Anyway, the very coolest part about the new Style Circle is that we are officially launching our baby...a brand spanking new Inspiration Board Builder. It will give you all the tools you need to create the most beautiful inspiration boards known to man...without the fuss of dealing with photoshop!

Here is a board that I created just a few minutes ago with images from one of my favorite Tanja Lippert photographed affairs...

If you scroll over each image, it will give credit where credit is due and will provide a link so that you can contact the vendor if so inspired.

Isn't this great??? It even automatically creates the little white lines that I love so much, that keep the board totally clean and pretty. Oh and you can choose from ready made templates or you can design your own. It's awesome, so so so awesome. And definitely a little addictive.

We have some of our brides testing out the Style Circle right now and we'll be inviting more to test it throughout the week, so if you emailed, sit tight...we'll be in touch. Then, we are hoping to open it up to the public shortly thereafter! Can't wait for you guys to dive in and really get your hands dirty!