Old World Elegance At Hotel Bel Air ~ Los Angeles From Docuvitae
July 31, 2009
By: eddye
United States
Garden Weddings

Today we are sharing a beautiful wedding brimming with ultra old world elegance and romantic design, sent to us by the so-so-so talented team at Docuvitae. The groom, an artist and gallery director, and the bride, a former gallery director and writer, used the Los Angeles Hotel Bel-Air as a canvas to stage an evening of pure romance.

Photography by Docuvitae

from their wedding designer and wedding planner, Kathy of A Divine Occasion ...

Over a year ago I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Lisa in preparation for her June wedding celebration. Lisa and Lance came to me with a very clear and defined vision. Both coming from an artistic background they stood by their vision from beginning to end. We wanted to create a design team together to pull off their vision of French Couture & Moulin Rouge-style in an English Garden atmosphere.

The Hotel Bel-Air was a tranquil and perfect setting to begin the journey.

First Look Docuvitae Hotel Bel Air

I introduced the bride and groom to Linnae from Asiel Design. I felt she would be the best visionary to Lisa and Lance’s design. Her ability to really listen to what the client wants and creativity helped give life to the project.

Floral Decor Asiel Design Docuvitae

My best experiences with Lisa came during her decision making...every decision she made too in the consideration of others which I so rarely see. It was so refreshing to see her caring touch and style. The photographs captured every wonderful moment! Thankfully Lisa and Lance brought me together with Laura at Docuvitae for the first time. Her artful eye was the perfect match to this story and I look forward to many more memories together! I am so thankful for the experience and value my life long friendship with Lisa and Lance!!!

Photography by Docuvitae

Ceremony Lisa Lance Docuvitae

And from lovely Lisa ... the black calla lily and a yellow orchid with red spots were the points of creative departure ...

Photography by Docuvitae

The feather was another source of inspiration, but as it's been overused in weddings it was incorporated sparingly, both in our invitation design and in my cocktail hour feather boa ... just a hint of romance and fun flirtation!

Photography by Docuvitae

Photography by Docuvitae Flowergirls

and also from Lisa ...

The ceremony and cocktail hour trio, The Wine and Roses Band, played a combination of gypsy jazz and Klezmer music, paying homage to our Jewish heritage while also creating an air of celebration. Champagne, enjoyed 'en plein air' after the ceremony, was the drink of the night. The party then moved indoors for an evening of dinner and dancing accompanied by jazz standards and music from the sixties, expertly produced by the Chuck Wansley Band. Chocolate-dipped strawberry "tuxedos," among other mignardises, satiated the sweet tooth of our guests before the cake by Cake Divas was cut at the end of the night.

Like brilliant photography should, the images speak for themselves. The unparalleled work of Laura and Rebecca at the wonderful Docuvitae captures the magic of what was nothing short of a splendid evening.

Photography by Docuvitae

Photography by Docuvitae

We couldn't agree more! Thank-you to all for sharing this extraordinary occasion with us!!

Photography by Docuvitae

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