Hollywood Glamour And Old World Elegance From Docuvitae
July 31, 2009
By: eddye
United States

In a lovely and super-romantic affair, Lisa and Lance were married at The Hotel Bel-Air. Their spectacular photographers at Docuvitae shared some of the images from the day ...

Photography by Docuvitae

from Lisa ...

The Hotel Bel-Air is synonymous with elegance, service and old-world glamour. It was the site of many a surreptitious Hollywood coupling and is still a choice location for many weddings. Hidden among the lush estates of Bel-Air and found at the end of a eucalyptus-lined drive, the Hotel Bel-Air is as romantic a hideaway as they come. We were excited to become part of the tradition of weddings at the hotel, but wanted to make our own creative and artistic stamp on the property, one that diverged from the well-trodden path of wedding white.

Floral Decor Asiel Design Docuvitae

These spectacular centerpieces were designed by the fabulous Asiel Design team. So dramatic, yet so romantic!

Lisa said, " I wanted the flowers to start with the darkest of reds and cascade into softer purples, pinks, and caramels, creating a dramatic look still bright enough for the summer season. The use of lavender, thistles and fiddlehead ferns added an element of whimsy to the symphony of deep tones."

* * *

When Laura and Rebecca at Docuvitae capture a wedding, the images do more than tell a story. They take you right to the heart of the moments. They elicit emotions and a sense of awe to all who view them.  Lisa and Lance's wedding imagery gives me goosebumps!

More of their story ... in a bit.