Chic, Down Home Wedding, III
July 31, 2009
United States
DIY Inspired

We are back with some seriously great details from today's featured wedding. It's home grown, with almost everything being crafted by the bride, friends and family. It's chic, as she just happens to be a graphic designer so completely understands color, texture and design. It's total charm. Total charm.

Aly and Joey

Invitation photographs by Frenchi and Flea, Additional photographs by Ellie Grover

From Emily, the brides adorable sister...

She infused the naturally gorgeous setting with moss, gingham, polka dots, and apples....a black and white checkered dance floor topped it all off!  She also really tried to do a lot of repurposing and DIY projects...our mom's friends did all the flowers and centerpieces, the chalkboards were hand made, the moss balls were repurposed Starbucks Christmas decorations, the picture frames were spray painted dollar store frames, and there were antique milk glass, crates, and window shutter all used to decorate the space.

Aly and Joey

photography by Ellie Grover

Not much "new" was purchased to create the look, it was mostly crafted, created, and reutilized.  I was VERY impressed!  It was such a labor of love, with such a wonderful team of close friends and family contributing to the event.  My family is very blessed with friends who give their creative talent and time and energy with LOTS of parent's house and garage were turned into a bakery, craft studio, and flower shop for the weeks leading up to the wedding.  I can truly say that Aly's vision was beyond what she probably ever anticipated due to all the help and time that went into creating and executing her wedding.  A true labor of LOVE!