Vintage, Shabby Chic Wedding Shoot
July 29, 2009
United States

I really have no words for today's first wedding feature. It's the definition of all things pretty. The definition of perfection. We saw a little sneaky peek of it when we featured the amazing vignette by Andrew Hsu (which was a huge hit) but now we have the photographs that the incredibly talented Lisa Lefkowitz shot. The shoot was for Brides Northern California and you'll be able to see all of the gorgeous photographs in the Fall/Winter Issue on stands September 1, 2009.

I have to admit, I always get a little excited when I see Lisa's name in my inbox. But, to hear that she partnered up with the most incredible vendors...Gloria Wong, Good on Paper, and so many more...well, I literally couldn't contain my joy. Seriously...jump for joy central.

lisa lefkowitz and gloria wong

Here is a little background on the shoot from the FABULOUS event designer, Gloria Wong...

Backyard Chic is a relaxed, crafty, DIY, recycled style. The look is eclectic with the use of old basement goodies, old furniture, salvage home parts, and leftover printed fabric. What may have once been considered family junk in the garage can now function as vintage décor for a personal intimate backyard wedding. The key is to augment the basement finds with sprinkles of the bride and groom’s favorite simple pleasures in life… For instance, our bride “Amelia” loves sweets, cherries, pies, especially Grandma’s famous cherry pie…

lisa lefkowitz and gloria wong

We have an entire day of fabulousness from Lisa Lefkowitz and Gloria Wong. And, we are doing a killer giveaway a little bit later. Lots of fun to be had!