Vintage, Shabby Chic Wedding Shoot, III
July 29, 2009
United States

I knew you guys would LOVE this wedding shoot. Captured by the oh-so-fabulous Lisa Lefkowitz and styled by the forever talented Gloria Wong, this wedding is total dreaminess. Every detail was thoughtfully designed, every element was perfectly executed. It's hard not to wish you were standing right in the middle of it, spinning around, soaking up every last bit of it.

lisa lefkowitz and gloria wong

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The boutonnieres were designed by Nancy Liu Chin, with fabric leaves by Anne Millett of Mira Aster and printed fabric from Peapod Fabrics. The welcome table was contructed using an aqua-colored salvage door that was placed on top of a table and used as a tabletop for the sign-in display. Large DIY pom poms hung above the table.

gloria wong

While the guests wait for the ceremony to begin, they are encouraged to…

o    Play some card games with an old deck of cards that the groom used to play with as a child

o    Read some of the bride and groom’s favorite vintage books

o    Drink some fresh lemonade in one of the colorful glasses displayed with patterned drink flags. Old ceramic tile samples are used as coasters.

o    Take some sweets

o    Send the bride and groom a love note. The blank love note cards are displayed in a bucket with old doorplates. An ivory vintage mailbox with a slit is situated behind the bucket of blank love notes. Guests are asked to drop the love notes in the mailbox after they are done writing their messages.

The love note cards are by Good On Paper Design with calligraphy by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. The candies were by Miette.  All of the salvage decor including the door, old doorplates, vintage mailbox, white chipped wall moulding corners (displayed in a stack within the wooden crate), brass dresser knobs were from Ohmega Salvage.

AH! So so perfect. More on the way in just a bit!!