Save the Date Handkerchiefs!
July 28, 2009
DIY Inspired
One of our readers, Rachel, sent me THE cutest pictures of her handkerchief save the dates and I had to share. Especially since it goes with our shabby chic theme for the day.


Here's how she did it!

I'd previously seen handkerchiefs and other bits of fabric printed on and really liked the idea of texture. I also wanted to create a keepsake. I ended up scouring ebay for about a month, collecting vintage handkerchiefs. In the meantime, I created a vintage-y layout using our silhouetted profiles. Once I collected enough handkerchiefs (and washed and ironed them, too!), I used the Yudu (which is apparently trying to be the next gocco) to hand screen the 165 handkerchiefs.

hankies 2

Once they were dry and ironed, I tied them to some cardstock I had custom printed on one side with a pair of lovebirds and on the other side with a little heart pattern I created for our wedding suite. The single men received a white handkerchief on the patterned background, while couples and women received patterned handkerchiefs on the lovebird side facing up. I hand-lined some kraft envelopes using paper from a scrapbooking tablet. I created a custom label that tied into the whole design and finally sent them all out.

How great are they? Thanks so much, Rachel, for sharing these with us! LOVE. I am now dying to buy a Yudu and yudu myself silly. WAY too many ideas and projects swimming through my head!

Rachel is a designer by trade and we are keeping her fingers crossed that she will start selling these babies! Her fabulous website that is filled to the brim with goodies can be found right here and her equally awesome blog is right here!