Anguilla Wedding by Grazier Photography, IV
July 27, 2009

Right when I started my blog, my girlfriend Jill sent me pictures from her girlfriend's recent wedding. The couple had rented out an island to host their affair (seriously) and the bride, in a HUGE/PERFECT/COMPLETELY AMAZING ballgown was brought up to the dock by a canoe, where her groom waited patiently in his tux. It was beyond perfect, beyond gorgeous.

And ever since I laid eyes on that wedding, I've had this thing for fancy, formal affairs on the beach. A tuxedo. A beautiful gown. A city style affair next to such an organically beautiful backdrop. It doesn't get any better than that.


Thank you so much to Grazier Photography for spending the day with us and for sharing such stunning photographs. The last one, in the series above, is the reason that I love my job. And, to the beautiful couple...your wedding was absolutely lovely.


More coming up!