Anguilla Wedding by Grazier Photography, III
July 27, 2009

If you are just now popping in, we are featuring the photographs from Friday's incredible Elysium video. The wedding was complete bliss and to see it unfold on camera was such an awesome treat. But the photographs...oh the photographs. They tell the story to perfection and I am so thrilled that Grazier Photography allowed us to share them with you!


Perfect right? And the best part...the couple was thoughtful, gracious and totally in love. So it was beautiful inside and out! Here are a few more words from Enna...

Ashley travelled from St. Martin to Anguilla via ferry a week before the wedding with 30 pieces of luggage... (what I wouldn't give to have been able to photograph that!) she and her family put together the most thoughtful personalized gift bags and delivered them to each place of lodging before any of the guests arrived.  For the day after brunch, Ashley arranged to reserve the cafe for her guests... AND she arranged for the rental car companies to allow car dropoff there and then shuttle the guests to the airport and ferry.  Seriously, every detail was thought of!


The wedding planner behind the event was the fabulous Alexis at Weddings by Alexis.  More to come in just a bit!