Office Re-Do by Young House Love!
July 23, 2009

This isn't exactly wedding related, but it's so fun, I decided to share it anyway. We had such a blast working with Sherry and John of Young House Love on their real wedding feature a few weeks back...and, we were so blown away by their approachable style and interior design skills...that we asked them to help us whip our own SMP offices into shape!

See, our office is nice enough. Great desks, good chairs, a few cute-ish things here and there. But, as a whole, it's a little bit of a style let down. So, Sherry and John put their oh-so-cute thinking caps on and came up with some easy, fresh updates that will bring a bit of pretty to our sad little space.

young house love

And this is what they came up with! Super cute, right? To see the whole office and the breakdown of pieces, head right on over to Young House Love.

We are actually hard at work trying to get these pieces ordered...we've already done most of it, so now we are just waiting for it all to arrive! Stay tuned to see the before and after!