Parker Palm Springs Wedding, II
July 20, 2009
United States

Today's wedding is great for a few reasons. One, Jose Villa photographed it. It doesn't get much better than Jose. He is pure and total talent and I am forever grateful to have formed a friendship with him, as I wholeheardedly feel like he inspires my life in little bits every day.

The second reason, is Alison Hotchkiss, event designer extraordinaire and author of a killer destination wedding book that should be a mainstay in any bride's home. Plus, she is super sweet, super talented and just super awesome.

And the third reason, is that I am OBSESSED with the Parker Palm Springs (the fabulous venue for today's affair). I would move in if I could. It's this little piece of crazy, funky, modern, charming heaven that makes me smile every time I devour one of their weddings. I've never been, so I can't speak first hand, BUT from what I can's total perfection.

alison hotchkiss

More from the fabulous Alison Hotchkiss!

All in all, the couple only lost 5 guests (and by lost, we mean...didn't come) in total throughout the whole fiasco. Sadly her sister/maid of honor couldn't make we teleconferenced her in for both the ceremony and reception. It was pretty cool that they could see the ceremony happening live and Alisa could also talk to her family.

alison hotchkiss

We did both the rehearsal dinner and wedding at the Parker and shuttled everyone form the airport so it was an easy transition for people.  Airlines were totally flexible and the hotels were fairly pleasant as well in giving partial reimbursements. It was a pretty stressful 9 days (for us) but luckily we had a killer team of vendors and everyone was flexible.  I am sure no one would have noticed we planned the weekend in 9 days if you were an outsider.

So much more to come!