Crate and Barrel Winner!
July 11, 2009

It's FINALLY time to announce the second winner in our Crate and Barrel Favorites giveaway!

crate and barrel

This time, we've chosen a COMPLETELY random winner, using the number 23 as our decision maker. The 23rd comment belonged to Sara, who said...

"My fiance and I adore Crate & Barrel! Our four current must-haves are: 1. The wine rack pictured above! One of our favorite date nights is just hanging out with the two of us and a bottle of wine, so a wine rack is necessary to make sure we have plenty of bottles stocked up for lots of date nights! 2. Wine glasses, to go with the date nights--and more than 2 would be great so we can invite friends and family to join in also! 3. Our Cuisinart Electric Fondue maker--because wine and cheese makes the perfect date night, making cheese (and of course chocolate!) fondue is a perfect addition--we LOVE it! 4. The rabbit corkscrew, to make sure we can break those bottles open!"

We have another giveaway on MONDAY, so all hope isn't lost if you didn't win! In the meantime, make sure you enter to win $4000 in our Crate and Barrel giveaway by registering through SMP. Click here to get started!