Rustic, Vintage Wedding in Connecticut, II
July 9, 2009
New England

Loving this sweet, family inspired wedding that Carla Ten Eyck sent us. Carla completely nailed it with the vintage style photography, capturing the intimate and yet totally elegant style of the day. You know, I am a firm believer that although a wedding should be a reflection of the is also one of the only times in our lives where our families come together to celebrate something so incredibly special. Celebrating the families behind the couple is so, so important in my book.

And this beautiful pair...did just that.

carla teneyck

From the beautiful bride...My florist was my cousin, Moira Thompson. She lives in Cambridge, MA and is just starting her career in the floral industry. She's a genius. She sent us a flower proposal (because I told her she could do whatever she wants and to just go nuts) and it was literally like she had reached into my mind and created a vision that I didn't even know was there!

The name cards my mom and I hand-wrote. They were all stamped with clovers (Irish), olive branches (Italian), tropical flowers (South Africa), and daisies (Denmark) which are the main countries of Niels and my origin. Instead of favors, we made donations to three charities - The Jacob Riis Settlement House, which Niels' father is chairman of the board of, The John J. Gale Scholarship, which is named after my grandfather and given to the senior at HPHS who has the highest GPA in U.S. History, and Art Start, which is a non-profit art program for troubled youth that I volunteer at. So, we wrote on all of the name cards "In lieu of a favor, a donation has been made in your name to __________", alternating with each charity.

carla teneyck

Ahhh, so beautiful. So much more on the way!