Save the Date Challenge by Minted
July 8, 2009

If you haven't been following Minted's latest Design Challenge, you've been missing out! We've partnered up with the fab brand to do a Save the Date design challenge and have been blown away by the amazingness that the designers have come up with. And, it's finally time to cast my vote and decide on the best Save the Date...but I need your help.

There are just SO many perfect designs, I simply can't choose. Here are my top picks...


I am kind of in love with the stripes on the top right, and the swirls on the top left, but am being tempted by so many others! Some modern and some focused on charm, I am having SUCH a hard time choosing!


Which one do you like the best? Did I miss one that is even better than the gorgeous designs above?

I REALLY need some help with this! If you would just pick one from above or head on over to the challenge on Minted and let me know YOUR favorite, I will be forever grateful!