Camp Inspired Wedding by Orchard Cove, IV
July 7, 2009
New England

Thank you so very much to the amazingly talented Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography (and second-shooters Brian Fitzgerald and  Sarah Waldo) for sending us today's featured affair. I am in love. To say the least. For those of you that share my sentiments, here are a few more bits of eye candy for you to feast on!

amanda herzberger

Isn't this wedding just perfect? Elegant, understated designs. Thoughtful but incredibly chic details. A bride that literally lights up a room when she smiles. I so so so wish that I was a guest at this wedding at Migis Lodge, as I kind of think that every couple fell in love all over again. And the kiddies? Well, they had some fun too...

orchard cove photography

Lots and lots of love to Rachel and Will...we hope that your lives are as beautiful and as full as this incredible day!