Camp Inspired Wedding by Orchard Cove, III
July 7, 2009
New England

It's funny. I seem to fall head over heels in love with every wedding that we post on SMP. I know that I throw a lot of spirit sprinkles and high kicks into my my posts, but oddly enough...I sincerely mean it. And this wedding, is one of our best. Filled with perfectly thoughtful touches, elegant but unbelievably humble details, a bride and groom that are literally is MORE than high kick worthy in my book!

Rachel & Will's wedding receptions took place at Migi's Lodge (about 45 minutes North of Portland, ME), where most of their guests were staying. According to Amanda, this place was "pure magic"!

orchard cove photography

Ahhh, those centerpieces. Long rectangular tables were decorated with vases and mason jars of all shapes and sizes filled with both full arrangements and single stems. Rachel had purchased them on the last day of the Brimfield Antique Show (which if you are lucky enough to live in New England, is AWESOME). Table numbers were identified by a simple pine cone and dragon flies were made out of sticks and leaves to add a little bit of charm.

orchard cove photography

I am in love. Giving my hubby a kiss as we speak. This wedding is just heaven...and lucky you! We have so much more from Orchard Cove Photography on the way!