This Young House Real Wedding
July 6, 2009
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A few weeks ago, I discovered THE most amazing blog. It's actually so amazing that it has become a problem for me. The blog is called This Young House and I am sure that a lot of you are already obsessed but for those that have been living under a rock like myself, This Young House is a fabulous read for the DIY home obsessed junkie.

Well, low and behold, as I am surfing around the site, I discover that the pair has chronicled their AMAZING DIY backyard wedding. It was so cute that I asked them if we could do a profile on SMP. They agreed and we've actually concocted a complete SMP + This Young House mish-mash made in heaven!

this young house

Now for the low down. Sherry and John tied the knot on their two year anniversary in a fabulously chic, DIY affair in their own brand spanking new backyard. From the invitations to the decor, every little detail was crafted by their own two hands, all without breaking the bank. Before they dove head first into wedding design, they had to take a survey of the space and make sure that it was good and ready.

First and foremost, they invested some of their wedding dollars into replacing their old slate patio with cobblestone, which created an ideal space for a wooden buffet table and a grilling stationed, manned by John's uncle...who shamelessly donned a custom apron that read, "You may now kiss the cook!"

this young house

And while they were at it, they also decided to pave their gravel driveway so as to create the perfect eating and entertaining space!

Ok, like I mentioned earlier, nearly everything John and Sherry did for their wedding was completely DIY. Between John’s cousin officiating the ceremony, a friend playing “here comes the bride” on the guitar, and relatives cooking up some gourmet fare on the grill, the pair did their best to keep things personal and meaningful.

Now on to what we love so much on SMP...the decor!

this young house

With the goal of designing a space that felt fun without scarifying style, the couple spent months collecting perfect little details that would stay well within their budget and their design ideas. The tablecloths and runners were simple white muslin and textured yellow fabric. The glassware was purchased from Ikea and the silverware from sam's club. Buying all of their servingware ended up being much cheaper than renting it and at the end of the weekend, they were able to donate it to their favorite charity.

Rather than doing pricey flower centerpieces, John and Sherry went with vases of fruit that they bought the morning of at their local grocery store. The glass cylinders were found at Michael's for $3.99 and the votives were found on Craigslist (purchased from a former bride for $30). The cute lemon and lime paper napkins were scored at Target.

The cute little brown favor bags held a single gladiolis bulb with easy planting instructions and photo strip of the couple that read "Plant one...on us!" And perhaps the most creative part of the table decor...the recycled wine bottles that held water, sweet tea and homemade mint lemonade.

I swear, I want to move to Richmond just so that I can be best friends with Sherry and John. They are so resourceful, so stinking creative. And yet they don't sacrifice a bit of chic in the process. LOVE that. More on the way!