This Young House Real Wedding, II
July 6, 2009
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Today is a first on SMP. We've paired up with our favorite home design bloggers at This Young House to feature their very own DIY backyard affair. It's a little bit home improvement, a little bit wedding inspirations...a LOT of absolutely incredible ideas from this crafty pair.

this young house

Since photos (and photobooths) have been a big part of this John and Sherry's relationship, what better entertainment to bring to the wedding than a photobooth! It was a splurge (at $1200) but for them, it was the perfect touch and ended up making for some pretty killer keepsakes. To encourage guests to leave their photostrips, they transformed their garage door into an oversized magnet board.

And, to take the photo theme one step further, the couple created a clothesline version of a wedding slideshow by stringing twine between 2 garden hooks and using wooden clothespins to clip the story of their lives. The cost was less than 20 bones but it made such a cute impression. To see all of the adorable photos, click right here!

Now, on to the food. Oh the food.

this young house

John and Sherry nixed the idea of hiring a caterer for a couple of, the price. Obviously. And second, most caterers require a prep area which is something that they just didn't have! So, instead, they did it all themselves, designing a menu that didn't require any heat (other than the entrees which were cooked on the grill) and didn't require more than a single fork. Fresh fruit, shrimp cocktail, rotini salad, lemon pepper potato chips. Kind of an upscale picnic of sorts.

Guests could then order up their own choice of a blue cheese angus burger, sweet apple chicken sausage or a tomato and cheddar veggie burger. The blue cheese burgers were made ahead of time (seriously simple...adding chunky blue cheese dressing to ground beef, then freezing the patties) and the other ingredients were bought in bulk just a few days ahead. For a gourmet touch, they added fresh baked buns and some fancy shmancy toppings.

For dessert..perfect vanilla cupcakes, from the famed Ukrop's in Richmond, and a fun DIY s'mores station on their homemade firepit. Sounds like perfection to me.

* * *

For all of you that are now completely obsessed with Sherry and John and their unbelievably crafty real wedding, there are so many more details and ideas over at This Young House. From lighting tips to attire, a complete cost breakdown and fun DIY ideas, you'll learn everything you need to know about throwing your own backyard fete. Plus, it's wedding week on the cute site, so you'll get even more info and ideas!

And, if you are a bit house obsessed, like I am, beware. This Young House is one of the greatest sites in the world, chock-a-block full of projects, inspirations and eye candy. It's actually quite dangerous.