Mexican Inspired Wedding
July 1, 2009
North America

If there is one type of wedding that I am always excited to's one that is all about the fun. Of course, I love perfect details more than I can possibly say, so a wedding that has great touches and a general sense of laid back excitement is one that I will easily fall in love with.

Which is exactly why I wanted to share this absolutely awesome, unbelievably vibrant wedding that the oh-so-talented Margaret Singer sent me...

margaret singer

From the lovely photographer, Margaret Singer...

While in his senior year at Miami University in Oxford, Damon heard stories of a beautiful, independent, free spirit of a girl at the University of Missouri through his high school best friend. The beautiful girl was of course Adhar. After graduation in May of 2004 the couple met for the first time while back home in St. Louis. It was love at first sight.

margaret singer

Adhar grew up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and always imagined her wedding in the beautiful colonial town set in a valley in the Sierra Madre Mountains. On an impulse, Adhar invited Damon down to San Miguel only weeks after meeting. The trip remains one of their favorites. On that trip the couple romantically joked about where in San Miguel they would hold their wedding. Five years later the couple held a welcome reception for their guests at the very hotel that they spent their first night together in San Miguel.

We have so much more to come from this colorful affair!