One Invitation, Four Ways by Chewing the Cud
June 23, 2009

Well, I am just soaking up the sun in the Cayman Islands (not really, we've been "working" the whole time...I guess, if you call sitting in on a series of incredible forums "working") loving every bit of my SMP vacation. And, I am so happy that my blog is in really good hands today as the FABULOUS Viola of chewing the cud is guest writing today!

So, let's all welcome the lovely and talented Viola Sutanto!

* * *

Hi everyone, I’m excited to be guest blogging for Style Me Pretty. My name is Viola Sutanto and I am the owner of  chewing the cud, a concept design and stationery studio based in San Francisco.

One of the most common questions I get from brides who plan to design their own invitations is “Where do I start?”. There are so many factors that could make or break an invitation: colors, typography, scale, illustration, paper choices, printing… and the list goes on. I thought it would be fun to start off my first post by sharing how color and typography (font choices) can really impact an invitation vastly.  Here is an example of the same invitation design, executed in 4 different fonts and color choices.

chewing the cud wedding invitations

Starting at the top left, the first uses classic scripts and muted color tones, this would be appropriate for an formal, elegant wedding. The second, on the top right, features modern, clean, simple typography with cheery colors. Perhaps an outdoor, less formal soirée. The third, on the bottom left,  uses jewel tones and ornamental type with flourishes that would give a hint of an opulent ballroom affair. And finally, on the bottom right,  bold typography and earthy tones are perfect for a semi-casual wedding, perhaps at the park or in the garden.

* * *

Viola is SO right. One invitation can be personalized to fit so many different styles of weddings by simply changing hte color palette and the font choices. It's often hard to visualize what your invite would look like if you changed the template design, so ask your designer (or have the store contact the designer) to do a mock-up. You might have to pay a little bit, but it's worth every penny.

Viola is back in a bit with so much more eye candy and inspiration!