Tuscan Inspired Wedding in Southern California, III
June 22, 2009
United States

For those of you that are just popping in, Aaron Delesie is guest blogging for us today. I just happen to be shmoozing with the best in the biz at Engage '09 in the Cayman Islands. I know, I know, my job is really hard. HA.

I will have lots to report on my trip in a bit, but for now, back to the stunning wedding that Aaron is sharing with us!

* * *

aaron delesie guest blog

From Aaron...another great touch with this wedding was the table in the villa with 4 generations of family photos in antique frames. Then at the end there is always an element of fun at the end when those who have been drinking get to play with fireworks!

aaron delesie guest blog

SWOON. I am in love and so thrilled that Aaron chose this wedding to feature today. He is going to be back in a flash with another ridiculously lovely wedding and so many bits of eye candy to inspire your own affair!