Inspiration Board...A Mexican Affair!
June 19, 2009

So, after seeing today's rehearsal dinner (which could just as easily be a kick-butt wedding), I thought it might be fun to put together an inspiration board for a similar fete! Of course, using products that are easily accessible and ideas that would look just as good in your own backyard!

mexican inspiration board

Dress by Revolver on Bluefly, Flowers photographed by Aaron Delesie, Votives by Luna Bazaar, Tablecloth by Anthropologie, Papal Picado by Aymujer on etsy

1. Think Color. Obviously, right. Bold, bright colors will bring that air of celebration that is a must for an affair like this. I love the anthropologie tablecloth above. If you are having an intimate rehearsal, this is perfect on 2-3 tables. If you are having a larger affair and don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on your linens, just use one on the gift table or the bar area. It will be the perfect splash of print that you need!

2. Mexican Cutouts, or Papel Picado. If you buy the right ones, in chic hues, they are so stinking cute and will bring so much flavor to your style! Love these that etsy crafter Aymujer is selling. Hang them criss cross or in overlapping rows against a wall and are SO on your way!

3. I found these red malamine plates at Target for $2 each. PERFECT for an intimate affair as you really can't beat the price. If that is too steep, head to Garden Ridge or Hobby Lobby where they have a great selection of colored paper plates for a fraction of the cost. Then, pick up some teal fabric from your local craft store, and cut them into squares using easy hem to finish the edges. Tie them with some pretty red ribbon and you have instant adorableness.

4. LOVE luna bazaar for affordable decor. Little colored glass votive holders in teal are the perfect table accent. Along with red and orange flowers generously placed in Mexican tin cans along the table, the mood will be all about color and celebration.

5. Obviously, you want to serve something Mexican inspired. Duh. But think a little creatively. Slow cooked pork in corn tortillas with a wedge of lime. Fresh cut avocados mixed with cilantro, lime, red onion and tomato with pita chips. Prickly pear margaritas. Mexican with a twist.

6. Twinkle lights. Everywhere. Whether you go with colored lights, white lights or paper lanterns...these are a MUST for setting the mood.

7. Floaty Streamers. Whether you use actual streamer, big fat gorgeous ribbon, or strips of fabric...just make sure you keep them long and filled with color. Reds, hot pinks, teal and yellow are stunning together blowing in the breeze!

7. A FABULOUS dress. And make it colorful! Have your hubs wear a white button down, khaki's and brown leather flip flops. You will be the perfect finishing touch!

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